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SavedNFit is a unique approach to wellness and lifestyle coaching from a Christ centered perspective;  holistically treating the entire person. Many come to online training for weight loss, that’s fine, but what issues are you having, haven’t addressed, or that haunts you that is underlying cause of your weight gain. Is it family issues? Addictions? Health conditions? Money issues? There’s a root cause, and before you enter your fitness journey, one needs to address the core of the problem, or you’ll be in great shape while emotionally, mentally, and spiritually unhealthy. Wellness is holistic in nature, let’s go on a journey to overall wellness where your physical body represents your internal wellness.


Holistic Wellness

Wellness begins from the inside out! Many are in great shape, yet emotionally unstable, in toxic relationships, financially strained, stressed out, & spiritually depleted. It makes no sense to have 6 pack abs, when you life is a mess. Let's develop a plan to create balance in your life.



What your lifestyle habits like? Are you sedentary lifestyle and have health issues? Do you smoke or drink and desire to be free from addiction? Want to lose weight and feel frustrated by previous unsuccessful results? Feel burdened by anxiety and depression and seek to find joy in your life? Let's work together to reach your goals?

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Grow spiritual muscles, get physically fit, & emotionally whole.

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